Online earning review – PaidViewPoint

From my experience Paidviewpoint is one of the simplest survey sites to use.

Their short survey format and easy interface with the member is refreshing and makes for a pleasant experience.

Can you make money with

Yes you can, and you certainly will if you stay active daily. You will not get rich just by using this site to take surveys. I do not want to give you false expectations.

See the image at the top of the post, this is my latest cash out to PayPal. The design and feel of this site is all about transparency and ease of use.

There are three main things you will encounter at this site.

Each day you get a Traits survey and get paid for it. When you get a Biz survey, you are shown what each click is worth. You are shown your TraitScore and paid accordingly. What do all these terms mean? Well they are what makes this site unique.

TraitScorePaidviewpoint believes that a long-term, reliable and trustworthy member is worth more. And they pay accordingly.

Your TraitScore will start out at the bottom. For every Traits survey you fill out the consistency of your answers will be calculated. If you answer questions about yourself consistently over time, you are deemed more and more trustworthy and steady and will be rewarded with a higher TraitScore.

Get that score up over 9000 and you have achieved the top 10% of Paidviewpoint members. Your goal will be to get that score up as quickly as you can, to reach the highest level of bonus money for each survey you complete. This is like getting raises as your experience and loyalty and value to the company grows.

What a great concept.

You will be offered a Traits survey up to once a day and they each pay ten cents for about two minutes of clicking.

Traits survey – Up to once a day you will have the opportunity to fill out a Traits survey. You will get paid instantly for these surveys, and they are worth at least $.10 depending on your TraitScore. As your TraitScore goes up, so does your bonus money from Biz surveys.

As with all surveys on Paidviewpoint a Traits survey will never take more than five minutes to complete. As you go through the questions, you will see at the bottom an estimate of how much longer before you are done. When you are done, your payment details pop up and you get a thank you, as always. This company is very friendly and loves their members to know they are appreciated.

This site will not send you an email to remind you to check for any surveys. In some ways this is preferred, I hate feeling like I’m getting spam from a site, even if I am active with them. But this means you need to check in with the site to get your daily survey. This is the default setting. If you would like to get an email notification when a trait survey is available, you can change that in your settings.

During these Trait surveys you will often be asked the same question more than once. It is very important that you always answer the questions truthfully and that your answers match. The Trait surveys are how the site is determining if you are trustworthy or not. If you answer the same question differently then your trait score will go down, you will get less of a bonus from Biz surveys, and less surveys overall.

Each time you complete a Trait survey and do not have any changed answers your trait score goes up and you reap the benefits. Don’t worry about hitting the wrong button once in a while, the site will give you a second chance to answer if you give a differing one from the past. Everyone’s life changes at some point. Income, location, habits and these are used to make sure you are who you say you are so then they can trust you with the real money makers.

Biz survey – These surveys are in addition to your periodic Traits surveys and they are where you will make the bulk of your money on this site. When you start a Biz survey, you will notice on the right side a dollar amount. Each time you answer a question and click continue you are getting paid this amount. This can be anywhere from a penny a click to much much more. It can make one want the survey to last longer when it’s so easy and enjoyable and you see the money building up with each quick answer! At the end of the Biz survey you will be shown your earnings with any bonuses added.

The amount offered as payment for a Biz survey varies but can be anywhere from ten cents to well over $1 for each. You may be invited to one a week or several a day, depending on your demographics and your TraitScore. Those with higher TraitScores will be invited to surveys more often and will get more lucrative surveys than beginners to the site. Your Trait score also determines how much of a bonus you get, so a low trait score may get no bonus, and a high trait score of 9000 or more will always get the maximum bonus. The longer you are with this site the more opportunities you will have to make money and you will have proven that you give consistent answers. This is how they determine the worth of your answers.

Paidviewpoint pays by PayPal. Payments are processed by an actual person, for an extra touch of customer service, and to weed out the people with multiple accounts or those trying to scam the company with robots etc. Your payment should be prompt and free of hidden charges. Paidviewpoint requires a $15 minimum payout. You will need to provide a phone number and valid information, just as with any company you have a working relationship with.

Register now at Paidviewpoint here.

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2 great survey sites that will never disqualify you

Have you tried online surveys before? Well if you have, chances are that you have gone through the frustrating experience of trying to take a survey only to answer dozens of questions just to be turned away with nothing to show for it.

It should not be this way. There are some shady characters out there who would take your answers for free and sell them to marketing companies. They profit off of your opinions and rob you of your valuable time in the process.

Most of us get caught in these endless loops at least once in our search for some honest survey opportunities. Usually if I am trying a new site and this happens to me I stop, open a new window and start researching this company even more than I do when I sign up to them. Cut your losses if the general view of this site is not good.

Now I must say that for the headaches that online opportunities sometimes bring, especially free ones, they can be very rewarding if you have a little patience and roll with the punches. If I would have stopped doing surveys after experiencing a few bad apple sites I would have missed out on a very rewarding hobby that I still enjoy and make money doing.

Which brings me to the title of this post. You need not experience this theft of your time while taking paid surveys online and you can avoid it completely if you stick with quality sites.
#1 VIP Voice. When they invite you to a survey on their site they don’t back out. You get to complete the survey and get your reward. Every time. Now I must caveat that point with VIP. Recently they have been trying to offer more surveys than we are used to. If no survey is available on their site they open up opportunities to go to partner sites for surveys. If you agree to these extra survey offers you will be put through screeners and may be turned down.

If you stick to the VIP Voice site itself then they have your profile nailed down and they pre-qualify you before they invite you to the survey. Great concept, eh?? This is a big reason why I am a loyal user of this site. You can register for free to become a user of VIP Voice here. If you want more detail on the site before you join, read a more in-depth review of VIP Voice here.

#2 Paidviewpoint. Now at Paidviewpoint they even go a step further. Not only will you never be blocked from finishing a survey that you start, you will see how much you are earning with every click, every answer you give. This is a really neat feature of the site and shows you their focus. It is on giving you value in your interaction with them and being very transparent about it. This is the way they operate the entire site as well. Paidviewpoint is free to join and use as well.
Register to become a user of Paidviewpoint here. If you want more info on the site before joining, read a detailed review of Paidviewpoint here.

Are there survey sites that will not deny you half way or even most of the way through the survey? Yes there are, do not let the bad actors stop you from making money online. With experience comes growth just like with any other exercise in life. Thanks for visiting and be sure to follow this blog to keep learning about how to earn money from free websites that offer paid online surveys!