Weekly results of blogging goals: 7/24/16

Last week my blogging goals all involved social media. I had mixed results with my goals but overall kept moving forward at a good pace with progress. We increased visitors to the blog by quite a few and this was the overall goal for the week.

Last week my blogging goals all involved social media. I had mixed results with my goals but overall kept moving forward at a good pace with progress. We increased visitors to the blog by quite a few and this was the overall goal for the week.

Some of this week’s goals involve social media but not all. Other goals involve SEO improvements, content creation, starting our mail list, an Amazon surge and getting more personal with potential customers.

We had 11 specific goals for last week and one overall goal.

I hit 5 out of 11 specific blogging goals last week.

The overall impact from the week’s goals was to increase social media traffic to the blog.

We had a great week for social media visits to the blog!

Last weeks traffic goal – increase social media visits from 372 to 466

Actual visits were 564

Overall goal results = 204% to GOAL!

Increasing social media visits from 372 to 564 in a week is more than I was expecting.

Facebook – I did not meet any of the three specific goals for Facebook last week.

  1.  Increase the group membership for How to earn money online from 22,433 to 22,750. Membership did increase, but to just 22,601. While I fell short of the goal, constant increases in the size of this group is a long term goal and will continue.
  2. Grow the page Free Online Earning Opportunities from 870 to 900 likes. We ended at 886. Not to goal, but positive numbers nonetheless.
  3. Increase likes of the page Exploring Online Opportunities from 10 to 20. We got three more likes for the week for a total of 13. I shared blog posts to this page and then posted the share to groups. I did not market this group on its own.

Twitter – I had mixed success with my Twitter goals this week.

  1. Increase followers from 37 to 70. We ended the week at 76. This was great progress and with the help of my social media automation software we should be over 100 followers soon.
  2. Increase blog visitors from 3 to 6. We had just one visitor for the week. I only posted once to Twitter for the week so this is understandable.

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StumbleUpon – I nailed both my goals for this site last week.

  1. I linked to StumbleUpon from this site six days last week. This was my goal.
  2. We wanted to increase blog visitors from this site from 209 to 250. We got 321 visitors for the week so a great increase. This site is a great way to get visits to the blog.

Reddit –  I continue to struggle finding ways to use Reddit for the blog.

  1. Start a thread or comment every day. I commented two days last week. I’m not sure Reddit is worth my time.
  2. Increase blogs visits from Reddit from 4 to 25. We got just 3 visitors. Not much activity means not many visitors.

Pinterest – Pinterest growth is on track. But we have not been able to take advantage of it yet.

  1. Increase followers from 919 to 950. We ended the week at 964. My social media automation software makes it easy to get followers on this platform.
  2. Pin every day and increase blog visits from 3 to 10 for the week. Well, I only posted two days to Pinterest and it showed. We only got 3 visitors to the blog again this week. I need to find a way to pin regularly without new blog content available to post.

So to wrap up last week’s results, we hit some but not all of our specific goals. The goals we did meet were important and did help us exceed our overall goal of increasing blog visitors from social media by 25%. We ended up increasing this number by over 50%.

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Commenting on blogs = traffic to yours

Bloggers all have the same problem, especially beginning bloggers.

We need traffic! How to get it??

I use so many tactics and tools to get traffic but I today I want to focus on one thing that can be a gold mine for traffic.

Commenting on other blogs.

Here’s the idea. Leave a comment on this post and if it links to a real blog, not a landing page, not a splash page but an active blog then I will approve it!

Here are the steps you should take.

  1. Subscribe to this blog. I typically write a post up to once a day and at least once a week.
  2. Leave a comment below with a description of your blog, your target audience and a link.
  3. Look through other comments and visit their blogs. Subscribe and leave a comment.
  4. Repeat on other blogs.
  5. Watch the views and comments accumulate to your blog!

Here is what will happen when you perform all of these steps.

  1. Your blog will get visits! I and others will visit every one that comments and take actions on them ie. likes, shares, +1s and we might follow you on other social media as well. This can be huge for your exposure.
  2. Your blog will get comments! Search engines not only rank visits but how connected you are as well. Anyone who visits to comment with a link to their blog will increase your outbound link score to the search engines as well. You should allow this and not view them as competition or spam as long as they have a quality site. Especially if they are in your niche or share a target audience. Trust me!
  3. Your SEO ranking will go up! Comments get included in total word count, did you know that? So the more comments you have, the more content you have. And content is still king in rankings for organic traffic.
  4. You should be commenting on related blogs as much as possible. Search engines see this and determine that you are relevant in your niche. This can be a big boost to your ranking.

A recent study done on bloggers who comment on other blogs found these things:

For every brief comment on a post with just a few words you get about 3 visits to your site in return.

A brief comment can = 3 visits to your site.

For every valued comment with good information, adding something to the conversation and getting you seen as an authority you get an average of 17 visits to your site in return!

A valued comment can = 17 visits to your site.

Here are a couple of other interesting things the study found.

These results come not from commenting on the biggest baddest authority sites in the niche. The comments that have the most impact on your traffic come from small active sites. That’s right, any site you find that is getting some views and still active is worth commenting on!

Commenting on smaller blogs has the most impact.

If you are one of the first people to comment you get the most impact. The higher you are in the comment chain, the more people will see your comment!

Commenting soon after a post is published has the most impact.

Lets take this info to the  bank. A great way to get visits is to comment on related blogs, as soon as the post is published. The best way to accomplish this is to subscribe to blogs. When you get notification of a new post, visit the site and put in your two cents!

This is a great tactic and one I employ often. Not only do you get the benefit of some traffic back to your site, you get to read what people are posting in your niche and others. I have gained much knowledge about blogging and how to write posts, gather followers and just general info by reading other blogs and commenting on them.

So, now is the time to start subscribing and commenting. Good luck!

How do I start a blog? (and why would I?)

Do you have something to say? Soemthing you want or even need other people to know? Start a blog!

People are making tons of money writing blogs!

I know, if you’re new to this you have so many questions. But let me answer an important one. Can you earn money by writing a blog? No matter who you are, where you are, what your computer skills, no matter what your writing skills…

Yes you can!

You are going to start a blog today and paste a link to it in the comments of this post for everyone to see. Sound like a plan? OK great let’s talk about it.

Once you spend some time breaking this down into steps it is so simple. There are four basic things to keep in mind and focus on when blogging for money. I call them the four C’s. They are –

  1.  CONTENT – Show the reader something they might value.
  2. CONSISTENT – Publish new content every day. This is key for growth.
  3. CAPTIVATE – Spend time finding readers and connecting to them.
  4. CASH IN – monetize your blog and find bigger revenue streams.

OK those are enough high level ideas for a moment. Some people can get overwhelmed at the idea of owning their own website so just relax. One little step at a time, ok? Please be sure to bookmark this blog and subscribe to it so you don’t lose this info. It can change your life like it did for me.

I want to step back and tell you why I am sharing this with you. I am an affiliate with many companies and make a good income from affiliate links which you will find sprinkled through this website.

Let me share my personal journey that led me to blog for money. My ‘why’

In the spring of 2014 I found myself without a job. One day while looking online and searching high and low for a new job, probably banging my head against the wall in frustration, I came across a survey site. They promised I could make some money from home answering questions so I signed up. I had no idea this was a life changing moment for me and it was the beginning of something huge.

Little did I know at the time that I would become hooked on making money from home on the internet. After that first survey where I earned $1, I started signing up for all the survey sites I could find and learning how to do this cool new thing I had found. Within a month I was making $100 a month doing this, just filling out surveys. I wanted more. I devoted more time to it, started setting goals and the next month I made $200. I did this for awhile and found my earnings had topped out at around $200 a month. Now that is great if you want to earn some extra cash in your spare time (I still take surveys!) and I love connecting people to them in this blog. But I had a family to feed and needed more. What to do next?

Many of these survey sites had referral programs, meaning that you agree to become an affiliate for the site and get people to register to fill out surveys for money. The site compensates you for this and it is free to do. They sometimes give you some coaching on how to do this and it can be a great thing for the member and the site. By the next month I was making an additional $100 or so by promoting survey sites. I did this for two months and wanted more. I kept learning.

I needed somewhere to promote my survey sites so I started a blog in August. It was a free blog on wordpress.com and they allow you to post your affiliate links. Things were going well and I had found a job but I wanted more. I posted to the blog, and shared the posts in Facebook groups where people were looking to make money from home. Through trial and error I learned how to get my offers out there to more and more people. Here is the link to my first blog post from August of 2014.


As you can see I took all the affiliate links I was using and listed them in one post. As of today, this post has been viewed over 11,000 times and I have earned hundreds of dollars from it. My very first post! This was the beginning of my blogging story.

So now you know my ‘why’. I had a family to support and got creative in a tough time to help make ends meet. In the meantime I had gotten a new job but continued to publish and earn money online. I discovered and joined a great affiliate network that fall and

by November of 2014 I had my first $1000 month from blogging.

So in the span of eight months I had gone from making my first dollar online to having a blog, belonging to affiliate networks, purchasing marketing tools and software and I had never heard of these things the previous year.

Within your first year you can make a solid part time income from blogging. I am proof of this and before that year I never would have thought this was possible. My story will be different from yours but yours could be even better. Ok you have waited long enough.

Here are the details of how to start your first blog.

This is really simple, do not be intimidated. Take it one step at a time, you can come back and keep working on it in your spare time. Before you know it your blog is going to be up and running and it is going to look great. Go to wordpress. Register and fill out your profile. Then go to this page called ‘get started’. The reason there are millions of blogs on wordpress is that they are so so good at making it easy. They will guide you through the steps to create your new site. Step by step. Take your time. Explore and look around the site. Use the help tab generously.

I could link a video here of all these steps but seriously wordpress is so good at what they do that I cannot deliver better training on the nuts and bolts of getting your blog started than they have available to you for free. For more detailed info on all aspects of blogging, SEO, how to use social media and more you should bookmark and subscribe to this blog.

Now that you have started your blog, I invite you to link it in the comments. Also follow the blogs you see linked. We will all grow together! Let’s see where your passion is going to take you! Good luck and thank you for taking the time to read this post. Come back to see us soon!

Link your blog in the comments!

3 great places you should do it! (backlinks)

You need traffic to your site!

You’ve heard that SEO is so important, but what is it and how do you get it?

The professionals are not eager to give away their secrets. And why would they? They make a living from having you believe that SEO is some magic that only they can provide.

If SEO is just a big puzzle to you, I want to help you put the pieces together.

Here is one piece. I want to show you some quality backlinks. Backlinks are important and indicate to search engines that your site is connected and well regarded. If a well respected and popular site has a link to your little site on it, your site gets huge benefit in the form of search results rankings and trust. Find as many as you can from forums, blog comments, article comments, social media groups and pages and the list goes on.

Your goal is to get on the first page of someone’s search results. Let’s add backlinks!

We’re going to get you started with three links from some great sites back to yours that search engines love to see! Below are three social bookmarking sites. You want these.

Exchangle.com – click it. Press the red plus sign. Enter your link address. Hit Next. Enter the category of your link, the title and description. Hit Exchangle. Done.

Digg.com – click it. Sign in or create a simple profile. Go to the bottom of the page and hit ‘submit a link’. Paste your link. Hit enter or press submit. Done.

Stumbleupon.com – click it. Paste your link. Enter some keywords. Click submit. Done.

Enter your link to each of these 3 sites for each post or page or article you create!

These three links will not only improve your ranking with search engines compared to other sites, they can also lead to more traffic.

Keep focus on the four C’s of making money through blogging.

  1. CONTENT  – Publish quality content that gives value to the reader.
  2. CONSISTENT – Publish every single day. Consistency is key.
  3. CAPTIVATE – Keep learning ways to attract more visitors.
  4. CASH IN – Monetize the site and keep finding bigger revenue streams.

As always, thank you for reading. My sincere hope is that you set lofty goals and achieve each one. Come back soon to keep Exploring Online Opportunities!

How do I start a blog? (and why would I?)

Commenting on blogs = traffic to yours

What Facebook groups should I advertise in?





9 FREE sites that you absolutely need to join today!

Are you sick and tired of sites that don’t deliver on their promises?

Are you ready to try the best longstanding legitimate sites on the net?

Don’t miss out on these nine gems below, become a member today!

I have been doing surveys long enough to have seen many low quality sites, been rejected from surveys, paid to join a site and been ripped off, done surveys to never get paid for them etc. I still love surveys though and I decided to help other people to navigate beyond the bad sites to the promised land.

The sites below are all free to join and use. Most offer some bonus money just to register. Most offer payment through PayPal, the best type in my opinion. But most importantly of all

I have joined, used and successfully cashed out with all of them.

So I know they are for real and can confidently promote them to you.

Look through the list below and choose a few.

Register, confirm and fill out the profile sections to qualify yourself for surveys. Then take some time to get to know the sites. Take the surveys you are interested in or invited to. Decline the surveys you don’t think are worth the time or seem boring. Quit the sites you do not enjoy and sign up for a new one in its place. Stay active and find your groove.

Bookmark or favorite this list. Follow this blog for more great tips and insights on how to make extra income online.

Do this for yourself. Do this for your loved ones.

Do this to better your financial situation and spend your time online constructively. And most importantly, have fun!

If you get through this list and still want more choices, be sure to check out even more great free sites to earn online here.

– $5 minimum cash out threshold
– reward by PayPal, paper check, gift cards
– earn money to test new products
– earn money to take surveys and polls
– most surveys between $1 and $5 to complete
– members wanted from US, UK, Canada and Australia
– read a full review of Toluna here
– register to join Toluna here

– $5 minimum cash out threshold
– rewards in PayPal or various gift cards or charitable donations
– surveys earn points, points add up to rewards
– most surveys worth around $1
– lots of video surveys, helping create new tv shows and commercials
– members wanted from US
– register to join Epoll here

VIP Voice
– NO minimum cash out threshold
– rewards by merchandise and gift cards
– five tier member levels, survey compensation goes up the more you do
– use points to enter sweepstakes or bid on merchandise
– once invited to a survey on VIP you will not be disqualified
– get invited to partner site surveys as well
– notifies by email of survey opportunity
– members wanted from US and Canada
– read a full review of VIP Voice here
– register to join VIP Voice here

– NO minimum cash out threshold
– reward by paper check
– every survey worth at least $1
– high paying surveys for technical fields of expertise i.e. IT, banking, business management and many others
– notifies by email of a survey opportunity
– industry leading referral program to increase earnings if interested
– install SavvyConnect software and participate in high value surveys up to $120
– members wanted from US and Canada
– read a full review of SurveySavvy here
– Register at SurveySavvy here

– $5 minimum reward
– all ‘swagbucks’ are redeemable for PayPal deposit or retailer gift cards
– earn swagbucks from searching the net, playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers…
– Gift cards from a lot of places – facebook, walmart, target…huge selection of retailers in lots of categories
– They are giving a $5 bonus for spending $25 in their shop-and-earn area.
– members wanted from US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia
– read a full review of Swagbucks here
– register to join Swagbucks here

– $10 minimum cash out threshold , 100 points = $1
– reward by PayPal, Amazon gift cards or Dwolla
– earn points to complete surveys, use groupon or by accepting free/paid offers
– get started with a bonus of $3.50 just for registration
– notifies by email for survey opportunities
– members wanted from USA
– this site especially needs more male members, male members can expect above average survey invites
– read a full review of MintVine here
– register to join MintVine here

– pay to click site (PTC)
– get paid to watch 3-30 second ads
– fun Clixgrid game with 30 chances a day to win up to $10
– earn by completing free trial offers and looking at websites
– earn by completing a wide variety of micro tasks
– earn bonuses for completing regular tasks each day
– members wanted from US, UK and Canada
– register at Clixsense here

American Consumer Opinion Panel
– $10 minimum cash out threshold
– reward by PayPal, paper check, charitable donation, gift card
– earn money to test new products
– earn to test new advertising
– surveys usually no longer than ten minutes
– notifies by email of survey opportunities
– members wanted worldwide
– register at American Consumer Opinion Panel here

– $15 cash out threshold
– rewards by PayPal
– guaranteed survey every day of at least $.10
– no survey over five minutes long
– choose many ways to be notified of surveys
– members wanted worldwide
-read a full review of Paidviewpoint here
– register at Paidviewpoint here

Also be sure to check out my list of 5 more free sites to generate income online here.

Over 200 of the hottest Facebook groups for finding work at home

There are so many Facebook groups out there with so many different names, rules and cultures. What I look for in a group are signals that it is not just full of people marketing and publishing posts to attract customers. If you see these things happening in a group you know you are in the right place.

  • Lots of comments on posts asking for info.
  • Posts with people asking for information on work from home opportunities directly.

If you see these signals of activity and at more frequent levels than in other groups, mark it as a favorite. Here are the groups that I have observed to be the best when it comes to these signals.

Continue reading “Over 200 of the hottest Facebook groups for finding work at home”

2 great survey sites that will never disqualify you

Have you tried online surveys before? Well if you have, chances are that you have gone through the frustrating experience of trying to take a survey only to answer dozens of questions just to be turned away with nothing to show for it.

It should not be this way. There are some shady characters out there who would take your answers for free and sell them to marketing companies. They profit off of your opinions and rob you of your valuable time in the process.

Most of us get caught in these endless loops at least once in our search for some honest survey opportunities. Usually if I am trying a new site and this happens to me I stop, open a new window and start researching this company even more than I do when I sign up to them. Cut your losses if the general view of this site is not good.

Now I must say that for the headaches that online opportunities sometimes bring, especially free ones, they can be very rewarding if you have a little patience and roll with the punches. If I would have stopped doing surveys after experiencing a few bad apple sites I would have missed out on a very rewarding hobby that I still enjoy and make money doing.

Which brings me to the title of this post. You need not experience this theft of your time while taking paid surveys online and you can avoid it completely if you stick with quality sites.
#1 VIP Voice. When they invite you to a survey on their site they don’t back out. You get to complete the survey and get your reward. Every time. Now I must caveat that point with VIP. Recently they have been trying to offer more surveys than we are used to. If no survey is available on their site they open up opportunities to go to partner sites for surveys. If you agree to these extra survey offers you will be put through screeners and may be turned down.

If you stick to the VIP Voice site itself then they have your profile nailed down and they pre-qualify you before they invite you to the survey. Great concept, eh?? This is a big reason why I am a loyal user of this site. You can register for free to become a user of VIP Voice here. If you want more detail on the site before you join, read a more in-depth review of VIP Voice here.

#2 Paidviewpoint. Now at Paidviewpoint they even go a step further. Not only will you never be blocked from finishing a survey that you start, you will see how much you are earning with every click, every answer you give. This is a really neat feature of the site and shows you their focus. It is on giving you value in your interaction with them and being very transparent about it. This is the way they operate the entire site as well. Paidviewpoint is free to join and use as well.
Register to become a user of Paidviewpoint here. If you want more info on the site before joining, read a detailed review of Paidviewpoint here.

Are there survey sites that will not deny you half way or even most of the way through the survey? Yes there are, do not let the bad actors stop you from making money online. With experience comes growth just like with any other exercise in life. Thanks for visiting and be sure to follow this blog to keep learning about how to earn money from free websites that offer paid online surveys!

3 Quick Ways to Qualify for More Surveys and get screened out less.

Have you tried taking paid surveys online but struggle with being disqualified from most? You are not alone but there are simple strategies that you can employ to reduce this frustration.

1) Make sure your profile information is completely filled out
When you register and join a free survey site, in most cases they will ask you to fill out details about yourself. These might be called demographic surveys, portrait surveys, or profile surveys. You can access this information under your account info.

Info that is relevant to matching you up with a survey is found here. It often includes your income bracket, your purchase habits, your family or living situation and more. When corporations want opinions they are not just looking for anyone off the street. For example, if a food manufacturer wants to know how people will react to a new design on their box they want the opinion of the primary shopper in the household. This is the person that holds the purchasing power and needs to be consulted with.

Periodically check your profile information on your active sites and make sure it is accurate. When you get asked what model and year car you have in a survey screener and your answer is inconsistent with your profile answers, chances are you just lost an opportunity to finish the survey.

These companies are looking for all kinds of people but they need consistent reliable answers to value your opinions.

2) Do not wait to take a survey when invited
When you get an email inviting you to a survey, likely so did hundreds or thousands of other people. Some of those people have a similar demographic profile to yours. When a survey is commissioned by a corporation or industry a certain mix of demographics is wanted. So if there are 1000 hispanic women between 50-65 that belong to the site and only 100 are wanted for this particular survey, then the first 100 to complete the survey get compensated. If you are number 101 or later you will be told that ‘the quota is filled’ or ‘this survey is closed’.

If you answer that invitation as soon as you can, you have greatly increased your chances of getting in before it is too late. This will be a huge boost for your bottom line while taking surveys.

3) Find another quality site to join
Survey sites are all different. Some are just not good and do not value their customer. Often these bad actor sites make you answer dozens of questions, taking you to near the end of the survey and then ‘disqualify’ you. Then they take all that information you freely gave them and sell it as market research themselves! No survey was even commissioned by an outside corporation. This site is designed to take as much info from you as they can and you are just a number to them.

These are the sites that give the industry a bad name. Do you have a feeling you have fallen for this tactic? We all have at some point.

But there is good news, not all sites operate that way. There are real, reputable, honest market research companies out there that value their panelists and treat them with respect. If you feel tossed around, dump that site and never go back! Keep chugging and do not let these bad actors ruin your paid hobby. Once you ferret them out you will get so much more out of the paid survey experience.

Taking paid surveys on free websites can be a very rewarding experience. It is my sincere hope that following the tactics outlined above will increase your satisfaction and decrease the amount of wasted time while doing this. After all, our goal should be to make the most we can in as little time as we can while having fun doing it!

Check out my favorite sites here and learn about two sites that never disqualify you once you are invited to a survey here.

Good luck and follow us to get more great tips whenever we publish a new article!