Weekly results of blogging goals: 7/24/16

Last week my blogging goals all involved social media. I had mixed results with my goals but overall kept moving forward at a good pace with progress. We increased visitors to the blog by quite a few and this was the overall goal for the week.

Last week my blogging goals all involved social media. I had mixed results with my goals but overall kept moving forward at a good pace with progress. We increased visitors to the blog by quite a few and this was the overall goal for the week.

Some of this week’s goals involve social media but not all. Other goals involve SEO improvements, content creation, starting our mail list, an Amazon surge and getting more personal with potential customers.

We had 11 specific goals for last week and one overall goal.

I hit 5 out of 11 specific blogging goals last week.

The overall impact from the week’s goals was to increase social media traffic to the blog.

We had a great week for social media visits to the blog!

Last weeks traffic goal – increase social media visits from 372 to 466

Actual visits were 564

Overall goal results = 204% to GOAL!

Increasing social media visits from 372 to 564 in a week is more than I was expecting.

Facebook – I did not meet any of the three specific goals for Facebook last week.

  1.  Increase the group membership for How to earn money online from 22,433 to 22,750. Membership did increase, but to just 22,601. While I fell short of the goal, constant increases in the size of this group is a long term goal and will continue.
  2. Grow the page Free Online Earning Opportunities from 870 to 900 likes. We ended at 886. Not to goal, but positive numbers nonetheless.
  3. Increase likes of the page Exploring Online Opportunities from 10 to 20. We got three more likes for the week for a total of 13. I shared blog posts to this page and then posted the share to groups. I did not market this group on its own.

Twitter – I had mixed success with my Twitter goals this week.

  1. Increase followers from 37 to 70. We ended the week at 76. This was great progress and with the help of my social media automation software we should be over 100 followers soon.
  2. Increase blog visitors from 3 to 6. We had just one visitor for the week. I only posted once to Twitter for the week so this is understandable.

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StumbleUpon – I nailed both my goals for this site last week.

  1. I linked to StumbleUpon from this site six days last week. This was my goal.
  2. We wanted to increase blog visitors from this site from 209 to 250. We got 321 visitors for the week so a great increase. This site is a great way to get visits to the blog.

Reddit –  I continue to struggle finding ways to use Reddit for the blog.

  1. Start a thread or comment every day. I commented two days last week. I’m not sure Reddit is worth my time.
  2. Increase blogs visits from Reddit from 4 to 25. We got just 3 visitors. Not much activity means not many visitors.

Pinterest – Pinterest growth is on track. But we have not been able to take advantage of it yet.

  1. Increase followers from 919 to 950. We ended the week at 964. My social media automation software makes it easy to get followers on this platform.
  2. Pin every day and increase blog visits from 3 to 10 for the week. Well, I only posted two days to Pinterest and it showed. We only got 3 visitors to the blog again this week. I need to find a way to pin regularly without new blog content available to post.

So to wrap up last week’s results, we hit some but not all of our specific goals. The goals we did meet were important and did help us exceed our overall goal of increasing blog visitors from social media by 25%. We ended up increasing this number by over 50%.

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Commenting on blogs = traffic to yours

Bloggers all have the same problem, especially beginning bloggers.

We need traffic! How to get it??

I use so many tactics and tools to get traffic but I today I want to focus on one thing that can be a gold mine for traffic.

Commenting on other blogs.

Here’s the idea. Leave a comment on this post and if it links to a real blog, not a landing page, not a splash page but an active blog then I will approve it!

Here are the steps you should take.

  1. Subscribe to this blog. I typically write a post up to once a day and at least once a week.
  2. Leave a comment below with a description of your blog, your target audience and a link.
  3. Look through other comments and visit their blogs. Subscribe and leave a comment.
  4. Repeat on other blogs.
  5. Watch the views and comments accumulate to your blog!

Here is what will happen when you perform all of these steps.

  1. Your blog will get visits! I and others will visit every one that comments and take actions on them ie. likes, shares, +1s and we might follow you on other social media as well. This can be huge for your exposure.
  2. Your blog will get comments! Search engines not only rank visits but how connected you are as well. Anyone who visits to comment with a link to their blog will increase your outbound link score to the search engines as well. You should allow this and not view them as competition or spam as long as they have a quality site. Especially if they are in your niche or share a target audience. Trust me!
  3. Your SEO ranking will go up! Comments get included in total word count, did you know that? So the more comments you have, the more content you have. And content is still king in rankings for organic traffic.
  4. You should be commenting on related blogs as much as possible. Search engines see this and determine that you are relevant in your niche. This can be a big boost to your ranking.

A recent study done on bloggers who comment on other blogs found these things:

For every brief comment on a post with just a few words you get about 3 visits to your site in return.

A brief comment can = 3 visits to your site.

For every valued comment with good information, adding something to the conversation and getting you seen as an authority you get an average of 17 visits to your site in return!

A valued comment can = 17 visits to your site.

Here are a couple of other interesting things the study found.

These results come not from commenting on the biggest baddest authority sites in the niche. The comments that have the most impact on your traffic come from small active sites. That’s right, any site you find that is getting some views and still active is worth commenting on!

Commenting on smaller blogs has the most impact.

If you are one of the first people to comment you get the most impact. The higher you are in the comment chain, the more people will see your comment!

Commenting soon after a post is published has the most impact.

Lets take this info to the  bank. A great way to get visits is to comment on related blogs, as soon as the post is published. The best way to accomplish this is to subscribe to blogs. When you get notification of a new post, visit the site and put in your two cents!

This is a great tactic and one I employ often. Not only do you get the benefit of some traffic back to your site, you get to read what people are posting in your niche and others. I have gained much knowledge about blogging and how to write posts, gather followers and just general info by reading other blogs and commenting on them.

So, now is the time to start subscribing and commenting. Good luck!

100 Classified Ad Websites for Selling on the Internet


If you are only using social media to spread the word about your amazing opportunity then you are missing out big time! Take a leap and think bigger. As in the whole internet big.

The list of sites below has so much potential. Some are free to use. Some are worldwide. Some you have already heard of but maybe are not using to their full potential.

If you write a blog or have your own website, using this list to spread the word about your site can have positive impact on your search results rankings!

Good luck expanding your marketing territory into some of these sites. Please join our mailing list to get lots of valuable insight and info for internet marketers.

If you know of a site not on this list but should be, let us know in comments!

1. Craigslist – http://www.craigslist.org
2. Backpage – http://www.backpage.com
3. Classified Ads – http://www.classifiedads.com
5. OddJobCity – www.OddJobCity.com/join.cfm?id=14695
6. Ads Citi – http://www.adsciti.com
7. Ads Globe – http://www.adsglobe.com
8. iNet Giant – http://www.inetgiant.com
9. Salespider – http://www.salespider.com
10. Classifieds For Free – http://www.classifiedsforfree.com
11. Classifieds Citi – http://www.classifiedsciti.com
12. Ablewise – http://www.ablewise.com
13. Kijiji – http://www.kijiji.ca
14. Zikbay – http://www.zikbay.com
15. Biggest Classifieds – http://www.biggestclassifieds.com
16. Free Ads – http://www.freeads.co.uk
17. Classified 4 u – http://www.classified4u.biz
18. Quikr – http://www.quikr.com
19. Ad Post – http://freedom4u2.adpost.com
20. Classifieds iVarta – http://www.classifieds.ivarta.com
21. Penny Saver USA – http://www.pennysaverusa.com
22. India Grid – http://www.indiagrid.com
23. Locanto – http://www.locanto.in
24. Oodle – http://www.oodle.com
25. Where in City – http://www.whereincity.com/classifieds
26. Porky Post – http://www.porkypost.com
27. Free Ads Uk – http://www.freeadsuk.org
28. 1 Stop Classifieds – http://www.1stopclassifieds.net
29. Claz – http://www.claz.org
30. Global Free Ads – http://www.global-free-classified-ads.com
31. Wanted Wants – http://www.wantedwants.com
32. My Ads Classifieds – http://www.myadsclassified.com
33. Kedna – http://www.kedna.com/index.php
34. Khojle – http://www.khojle.in
35. Web Classifieds – http://www.webclassifieds.us
36. Free Ads City – http://www.freeadscity.com
37. Free Classifieds – http://www.freeclassifieds.com
38. Web India123 – http://www.webindia123.com
39. Yakaz – http://www.yakaz.com
40. Free Ad Lists – http://www.freeadlists.com
41. Hoobly Classifieds – http://www.hoobly.com
42. Web Cosmo – http://www.webcosmo.com
43. Sell Market Place – http://www.sell.com
44. Geebo – http://www.geebo.com
45. Domestic Sale – http://www.domesticsale.com
46. This is my India – http://www.thisismyindia.com
47. Post Free Ads – http://www.postfreeads.net
48. Recycler – http://www.recycler.com
49. Daype – http://www.daype.com
50. Buy Sell Community – http://www.buysellcommunity.com
51. eBay Classifieds – http://www.ebayclassifieds.com
52. Us Free Ads – http://www.usfreeads.com
53. Ad Trader.co.uk – http://www.adtrader.co.uk
54. EPage – http://www.epage.com
55. Sulekha Classifieds – http://www.classifieds.sulekha.com
56. Classifieds Live – http://www.ebayclassifieds.com
57. Ad Baker – http://adbarker.com
58. Click India – http://www.clickindia.com
59. Gumtree – http://www.gumtree.com
60. Yahoo Ads Post – http://dir.yahoo.com/business_and_economy/classifieds
61. The Ad Net – http://www.theadnet.com
62. Free Ad City – http://www.freeadscity.com
63. Ads Bangalore – http://www.adsbangalore.com
64. Ad Flyer – http://www.adflyer.co.uk
65. Ads ad deals – http://www.adsanddeals.com
66. Super Ads – http://www.superads.com
67. Apna Classified – http://www.apnaclassified.com/classified
68. Free Ads City – http://www.freeadscity.com
69. Jihoy – http://www.jihoy.com
70. Free Ad Board – http://www.freeadboard.com
71. Buck Eye Ads – http://www.buckeyeads.com
72. Us Net Ads – http://www.usnetads.com
73. Olx – http://www.olx.com
74. Loquo – http://www.loquo.com/en_us
75. Classifieds 4 Free – http://classifieds4free.biz
76. Choose Your Item – http://www.chooseyouritem.com
77. Oz Free Online – http://www.ozfreeonline.com
78. Loot – http://loot.com
79. Kugli – http://www.kugli.com
80. Ads Quest 3D – http://www.adquest.com
81. eClassifieds 4u – http://www.eclassifieds4u.com
82. Adoos – http://www.adoos.com
83. Ads Globe – http://www.adsglobe.com
84. ZipLy – http://www.ziply.com
85. Beat Your Price – http://www.beatyourprice.com
86. Adeex – http://www.adeex.com
87. Denver Sales – http://www.denversale.com
88. Super Shopper – http://www.supershopper.org
89. 50 States – http://www.50statesclassifieds.com
90. Zikbay – http://www.zikbay.com
91. ajc Classifieds – http://www.ajcexchange.com
92. Hi Free Ads – http://www.hifreeads.co.za
93. OBO Ads – http://oboads.com
95. Reachoo – http://www.reachoo.com
96. World Free Ads – http://www.worldfreeads.com
97. Click.in – http://www.click.in
98. Classifieds 4 Me – http://www.classifieds4me.com
99. My Ad Monster – http://www.myadmonster.com
100. Posting King – http://www.postingking.com