3 great places you should do it! (backlinks)

What are easy good backlinks to get for SEO

You need traffic to your site!

You’ve heard that SEO is so important, but what is it and how do you get it?

The professionals are not eager to give away their secrets. And why would they? They make a living from having you believe that SEO is some magic that only they can provide.

If SEO is just a big puzzle to you, I want to help you put the pieces together.

Here is one piece. I want to show you some quality backlinks. Backlinks are important and indicate to search engines that your site is connected and well regarded. If a well respected and popular site has a link to your little site on it, your site gets huge benefit in the form of search results rankings and trust. Find as many as you can from forums, blog comments, article comments, social media groups and pages and the list goes on.

Your goal is to get on the first page of someone’s search results. Let’s add backlinks!

We’re going to get you started with three links from some great sites back to yours that search engines love to see! Below are three social bookmarking sites. You want these.

Exchangle.com – click it. Press the red plus sign. Enter your link address. Hit Next. Enter the category of your link, the title and description. Hit Exchangle. Done.

Digg.com – click it. Sign in or create a simple profile. Go to the bottom of the page and hit ‘submit a link’. Paste your link. Hit enter or press submit. Done.

Stumbleupon.com – click it. Paste your link. Enter some keywords. Click submit. Done.

Enter your link to each of these 3 sites for each post or page or article you create!

These three links will not only improve your ranking with search engines compared to other sites, they can also lead to more traffic.

Keep focus on the four C’s of making money through blogging.

  1. CONTENT  – Publish quality content that gives value to the reader.
  2. CONSISTENT – Publish every single day. Consistency is key.
  3. CAPTIVATE – Keep learning ways to attract more visitors.
  4. CASH IN – Monetize the site and keep finding bigger revenue streams.

As always, thank you for reading. My sincere hope is that you set lofty goals and achieve each one. Come back soon to keep Exploring Online Opportunities!

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