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Have you heard of VIP Voice?

VIP Voice is an established site that is completely free to join and use. When you listen to the news and they say ‘according to a recent survey…’ they are talking about sites like VIP Voice. If you take surveys for money on your computer, this is another site you might want to add to your list of great places to earn rewards.

VIP Voice is free to use. They offer members paid surveys and have a unique system to reward members for their contributions. This site uses a point system for rewards that are then used to bid on merchandise or enter sweepstakes. The more surveys you complete, the more you are rewarded for each one.

VIP Voice feels different from other survey sites. Several things add to this feeling. The first thing you will notice is that when you log on and click on the big ‘Survey Center’ button, you are taken to a screen that shows your recent activity. There is another button called ‘Take Survey Now’. When you click it one of two things will happen. Either you will be shown details on an available survey including the estimated time to complete and compensation…or told that there is no survey available for you to take.

When you first join VIP Voice you will be compensated 50 points for each survey you complete. As you get more completed surveys credited to your account your ranking will move up and eventually the reward for each survey is 200 points.

VIP Voice does not offer cash as a reward. While I normally prefer the green stuff, in this case it is another angle to maximize your earnings. Let me explain. When points are put into your account (instantly upon survey completion) you can do one of two things with them. You can buy sweepstakes entries to win cash or prizes… or bid on items that are up for auction. The items available are constantly changing. As you can see below, in the past 60 days I picked 8 song downloads and sports gear (a Chicago Bears hat).

VIP Bidland winnings
VIP Bidland winnings

These items were won in auctions. As you can see with the song downloads I try to get them for under 300 points but sometimes when you want a new song, you want it now and I have paid way more than that at times. Some of the items offered in the past include ipod shuffles, movie kiosk rentals, restaurant gift certificates, household appliances, bicycles, vacations, phone accessories and much much more.

VIP Voice is always updating the site, adding or upgrading a feature here or there. They have run a ‘drive to 5’ promotion where if you complete at least 5 surveys in a month you get thousands of bonus points with no catch. They have a ‘Pigskin Pick ‘Em’ contest where you choose who you think will win NFL games with cash prizes every week for winners.

This is a fun site that is fun to use, simple but yet always keeps getting better to keep my interest. This site is run by the Toluna Group, a longstanding, well respected market research company. They run a different survey site called Toluna that also offers free product trials. If you take paid surveys online then VIP Voice should be on your list of sites to check out and it just may become one of your favorites too.

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