2 great survey sites that will never disqualify you

Have you tried online surveys before? Well if you have, chances are that you have gone through the frustrating experience of trying to take a survey only to answer dozens of questions just to be turned away with nothing to show for it.

It should not be this way. There are some shady characters out there who would take your answers for free and sell them to marketing companies. They profit off of your opinions and rob you of your valuable time in the process.

Most of us get caught in these endless loops at least once in our search for some honest survey opportunities. Usually if I am trying a new site and this happens to me I stop, open a new window and start researching this company even more than I do when I sign up to them. Cut your losses if the general view of this site is not good.

Now I must say that for the headaches that online opportunities sometimes bring, especially free ones, they can be very rewarding if you have a little patience and roll with the punches. If I would have stopped doing surveys after experiencing a few bad apple sites I would have missed out on a very rewarding hobby that I still enjoy and make money doing.

Which brings me to the title of this post. You need not experience this theft of your time while taking paid surveys online and you can avoid it completely if you stick with quality sites.
#1 VIP Voice. When they invite you to a survey on their site they don’t back out. You get to complete the survey and get your reward. Every time. Now I must caveat that point with VIP. Recently they have been trying to offer more surveys than we are used to. If no survey is available on their site they open up opportunities to go to partner sites for surveys. If you agree to these extra survey offers you will be put through screeners and may be turned down.

If you stick to the VIP Voice site itself then they have your profile nailed down and they pre-qualify you before they invite you to the survey. Great concept, eh?? This is a big reason why I am a loyal user of this site. You can register for free to become a user of VIP Voice here. If you want more detail on the site before you join, read a more in-depth review of VIP Voice here.

#2 Paidviewpoint. Now at Paidviewpoint they even go a step further. Not only will you never be blocked from finishing a survey that you start, you will see how much you are earning with every click, every answer you give. This is a really neat feature of the site and shows you their focus. It is on giving you value in your interaction with them and being very transparent about it. This is the way they operate the entire site as well. Paidviewpoint is free to join and use as well.
Register to become a user of Paidviewpoint here. If you want more info on the site before joining, read a detailed review of Paidviewpoint here.

Are there survey sites that will not deny you half way or even most of the way through the survey? Yes there are, do not let the bad actors stop you from making money online. With experience comes growth just like with any other exercise in life. Thanks for visiting and be sure to follow this blog to keep learning about how to earn money from free websites that offer paid online surveys!

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